Dials & Gauges
If you click once anywhere in the Dials & Gauges area, and then hover over certain parts of the displayed data text you will see an explanation which describes how this data is arrived at. Also, if you click on the words like 'Rainfall', Temperature' etc, you can access lots of information in graph form.

Rainfall Information
Please remember that the information shown on the home page is only updated every five minutes. Therefore, it may say it is dry when it has been raining for a few minutes. Dials & Gauges will give a more up to date view of current weather conditions because it is usually only 5 - 8 seconds behind real time. Also, please remember that it may be dry where the weather station is situated, even though you may be having a downpour! Finally, the  Rain Days This Month  shown on Rainfall Data will not include any amounts less than 0.5mm because they are insignificant.

Snow and after effects
When there has been a fall of snow it sometimes takes a while to melt away. When this is happening it can cause inaccurate information to appear on the website as the melting snow 'drips' into the rain catcher. It gives the equipment the sense that it is (a) raining or (b) snowing/sleeting (according to the outside temperature). Please make allowances for these anomalies which are quite beyond mine or the equipment's control. Also, when there has been a sharp frost and water falls into the rain catcher as the temperature rises, it can cause inaccurate information such as "Snowing/Sleet Fall' to appear when there is a clear blue sky. This is caused by the 'dripping' water and the current low temperature, and the workings of the weather station regards these two conditions as being compatible with either snow or sleet.








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