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Hi, I'm so pleased Kilsby weather site is up and running again , I was afraid it had vanished forever.  Thank you so much for taking the time to run it.  I love all the statistics and historic day by day details......... where else can you settle an argument about whether it rained on Christmas day 5 years ago or was yesterday the coldest day of the winter etc.. I'm very happy to see you back. Brenda (2/5/2017) 

Nice to keep up to date with the weather back in Kilsby ........... Alison - Ontario, Canada (01/10/11)


I have just discovered your website. Fascinating stuff; it will become regular viewing. Thanks very much.......... John - Kilsby (12/09/11)


I have only just come across your wonderful website! Thank you for taking the time and trouble to give us all of the weather information about our local weather. I use it every single day and I find it to be quite accurate!..... Thanks again!.... Jill (04/02/11)


What happened to the dynamic satellite view...the current static single shot is not as useful ?...... Any chance of showing a map of current pressure systems?.... Regards, Mike - Satellite imagery is once more dynamic, and choose Pressure Map to see the current situation.












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